Volunteer Hours Add Up!

In January 2019, we started tracking volunteer hours using Volgistics, a volunteer management software tool. Since then, 238 volunteers have tracked their hours, checking in and out of Wings of Hope using a touchscreen monitor every time they volunteer. Year to date, our volunteers have logged 18,651 hours. Independent Sector recently calculated the value of one volunteer hour as $25.43. Multiplying the 18,651 hours our volunteers have logged so far this year by this hourly rate values their service at $466,387.73. At this pace, we are well on our way to seeing that value exceed $1 million by year’s end. This affirms what we have known all along: Wings of Hope absolutely could not operate without the support of our volunteers.

We know our volunteers are valuable to us – but they could choose to spend their time anywhere. Why Wings of Hope?

“I prefer being useful and busy,” said Chris Whitenack, a retired teacher who has been volunteering as a receptionist with us since September.

“When I investigated Wings of Hope, it just fit the bill. I like the mission.” In addition to volunteering one to two days a week answering phones at the front desk, Chris volunteered as a mentor for our Soar into STEM program this past spring. Her background in education made her ideal for the role.

“I know a little bit about aviation, but I know a lot about working with kids,” she said.

Chris is a great example of how our Volunteer Fulfillment Team tries to match each volunteer’s unique skills and experiences with the jobs that can put that expertise to work.

We are grateful for any time our volunteers choose to share with us, so we are extremely flexible in our scheduling. Chris appreciates this: “You can do as much or as little as you like.”

Thank you, Chris, and all of our volunteers. You really are worth your weight in gold!

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