MAT Program – Here, There and Everywhere!

By Karen Andrews, MAT Coordinator

As the coordinator of our MAT program, it amazes me how I can put a few details into motion and our excellent MAT team will bring it all together. Let me tell you what I mean …

On a recent Wednesday, the crew of aircraft N8456H took off from our headquarters in St. Louis and headed to Fort Smith, AR, to pick up a young boy and his father. Once boarded, they headed to Joplin, MO, to pick up a teenage girl and her mother. Loaded with all four passengers, the crew headed back to St. Louis where the boy and his father were met by a Wings of Hope Patient Flight Advocate (PFA), who connected them with the Shriners’ driver who took them to the boy’s appointment. Meanwhile, another PFA met the teenage girl and her mother and helped them board their next flight on N8048Q. Piloted by a new crew, they headed to Chicago for the daughter’s appointment at Shriners Hospital. While in Chicago, the N8048Q crew picked up a father and his daughter, after she had completed her medical appointments, and flew them home to Olathe, KS. The crew then flew back to St. Louis. The next day, another crew picked up two patients and two caregivers in Chicago and flew them all home to Joplin, MO.

Days like these are ordinary in our MAT Program, but the teamwork it takes to pull them off is nothing short of extraordinary. I am inspired daily by the volunteers at Wings of Hope who give their precious time to help those in need. I am also extremely grateful to our donors. It is only because of your financial support that the patients we fly on days like the one described above get the life-changing care they need to heal and to hope. Thank you!

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