Cambodia – New Field Director Impressed with Education Program

Meet Kimberly Townsend, our new field director managing our education program with partner John Givonetti Giving (JGG) in Cambodia. After only a few weeks on the job, Kimberly sent us this note sharing how impressed she is with the Cambodian people, the JGG program, and the students.

This has been an amazing journey thus far. I did not know it was possible, but somehow I am even more impressed than I was before by the JGG program here in Cambodia.

Cambodia is a very beautiful place, and I have found the people here to be very warm and welcoming. Within my first week in my village, it was a necessity for me to learn to ride a motor (short for motor bike). On my fourth day of riding, I got into a small accident. In a matter of moments, the accident scene was overwhelmed with people who ran from their homes to be sure that I was OK. At first I felt very embarrassed, then very grateful for everyone’s compassion and concern.

What I am finding most exciting about the position are the children. They are full of hope and joy and have such an eagerness to learn. I had a meeting in Bakchinhchien with all of the student volunteers as well as the incoming student volunteers. After our meeting, it was time for them to teach. It was very inspiring to watch their students pour into the school yard and run to line up for their classes. The JGG student volunteers are so professional and take their jobs very seriously. The students they teach respect them and try very hard in class.

School has been out since the beginning of August, however, each day, Monday-Friday, students come to the school with neat uniforms and learn. These students study part-time (summer school) and then come to JGG classes and learn until the sun is nearly going down. It is truly an inspirational thing to see! This makes me work harder than ever!

Welcome, Kimberly — and thank you to all of our supporters who make possible this very important work providing education and opportunity to Cambodian youth!

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