From the President – Spring 2016

Spring is a season of renewal and growth— so it seems appropriate that in this issue of LIFT, I update you on several key areas of renewal at Wings of Hope.

First, I am thrilled to announce that we have grown our Honorary Council by two world-class aviators: Patty Wagstaff and Barrington Irving. If you’re a pilot, you know all about Patty and Barrington. But the more “grounded” can check out their inspiring stories on page 3.

We are so honored that Patty and Barrington have joined our team at Wings of Hope. And, as I mentioned, this team has been busy!

We revised our mission, vision and core values to more accurately reflect why we exist and the change we aspire to achieve. This laid the foundation for updating our strategic plan—a process which involved staff, board members and volunteers.

We redesigned our brand image to help tell our story in a more contemporary and engaging way. You will see this in this newsletter, our new website, and all of our marketing and donor materials.

We implemented a new donor relationship management tool, eTapestry, which is already yielding dramatic improvements in the timeliness and accuracy of our donor communications. We also changed our email address to one top-level domain: (See story page 3.)

Change of this magnitude requires the support of an energized and dedicated team. I am extremely grateful to all—staff and volunteers, alike—who focused their intellect, energy and heart for serving others toward these significant change efforts.

The history of Wings of Hope is rich and fruitful because of the continuing efforts of our team to challenge the status quo and bring in new perspectives—like those of Patty and Barrington—to find better ways to serve those in need and each other. It is a spirit of renewal that has powered this organization for more than 50 years, and continues to prove that Where There are Wings, There is Hope!

Don Hamblen,

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