Wings of Hope Visitor has Special History with 206KY

We were recently honored to receive a very special visitor. Sandy Turner’s family once owned our Cessna 206KY. The plane has toured the world saving lives. It is now in St. Louis, and our hangar crew is all-hands-on-deck getting it ready to fly in the states again! Sandy’s visit was especially poignant because Wings of Hope bought the 206KY as a salvage plane after it crashed into Kentucky Lake, tragically claiming the lives of her son and infant grandson. In the months that followed, Sandy helped Wings of Hope refurbish the wrecked plane so it could be used in our field missions. When Sandy’s friends and family learned of her history with Wings of Hope, they collected donations for her to give to us during her visit. We are deeply grateful for Sandy’s longtime support of Wings of Hope following such a devastating personal loss.

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