Soaring to New Heights to Secure Our Future

Wings of Hope is in the midst of a major campaign to grow our endowment to secure the future of our U.S. Medical Relief & Air Transport (MAT) program. The goal of the Soaring to New Heights Endowment Campaign is to ensure we have the capital to secure the planes needed, cultivate the next generation of volunteer pilots, and expand the MAT program to get patients where they need to be — allowing us to serve 50% more people with free transportation to health care.

“With rural hospitals closing at an unprecedented rate, the need for Wings of Hope has never been greater,” said Wings of Hope President and CEO Bret Heinrich. “At the same time, Wings of Hope has never been more strongly positioned to secure our future. With the support of our friends and partners, we will build our capacity to expand our ability to do this work — and save many more lives.”

Interested in contributing to our endowment? Please contact Laura Helling at (636) 537-1302 for more information or to set up a meeting to learn more about Wings of Hope.

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