Meet William

a Wings of Hope Frequent Flier!

Did you know that about 90% of the individuals we serve in our MAT Program are frequent fliers? One of our youngest frequent fliers is William. He was born with clubfoot and arthrogryposis, a joint condition in which some of the joints don’t move as much as normal and may even be stuck in one position. Successful treatment requires frequent trips to a specialized hospital and, for most children, can lead to big improvements in how they move and what they can do. That is always the goal of the MAT Program: to help children reach their best possible outcome and enjoy an active, happy life.

Now almost two, William made his first flight with Wings of Hope when he was a just a baby. Since then, we have flown him 13 times roundtrip from his home in Eden Prairie, Minn., to St. Louis Shriners Hospital. That’s 26 flights! What a cutie!

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