Meet Griffin

Griffin is one of our youngest MAT patients. Before he was even four months old, he had already made three round trip flights from his home in Ohio to St. Louis Children’s Hospital for treatment of bilateral clubfeet. His parents, Amanda and Corey, found out that Griffin would be born with clubfeet during Amanda’s 20-week ultrasound. Amanda immediately began researching the best treatment options for her son.

“My prayer was that we would find the best doctor to treat this,” she says.

She found Dr. Matthew Dobbs, who practices at St. Louis Children’s Hospital and is nationally recognized for his skill at treating all pediatric foot disorders – including the correction of clubfeet. Amanda and Corey drove with baby Griffin to St. Louis for their first consultation with Dr. Dobbs. The seven-hour drive (not including stops) was difficult with a newborn; the two days of travel also increased time away from Amanda and Corey’s other children, ages 6 and 3. While staying at St. Louis Haven House, a hospitality house for families traveling to St. Louis for medical care, the couple learned about Wings of Hope. Flying with Wings of Hope has shortened the trips by a day or more and relieved Amanda and Corey from the financial stress associated with making repeat trips for Griffin’s treatment. This is the reason why the Wings of Hope MAT Program exists: to provide families like Griffin’s access to the health care they need to heal and to hope!

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