Local Business Owner Donates Hangar Door Repairs

When one of our mechanics noticed a hydraulic leak on the south hangar door this past spring, our hangar crew was quick to act: A hydraulic failure could cause the door to fall. We contacted Hyspeco, a St. Louis-area company with expertise in hydraulic systems. After inspecting the door, Hyspeco owner Dwayne Smith recommended replacing all the hydraulic hoses and fittings on the hangar door. While at Wings of Hope, Smith was so impressed with our work that he offered to complete the job for free. “We are incredibly grateful for Mr. Smith’s generosity and reminded that safety is critical to everything we do at Wings of Hope,” said Tim Long, director of operations for Wings of Hope. “As of September 30, 2021, we’ve achieved 692 days accident/injury free. No pun intended, but safety is no accident. It’s a culture and a mindset that our staff and volunteers embrace.”

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