Ladies Luncheon

Guests at the annual Wings of Hope Ladies Luncheon at the Chase Park Plaza rose in a standing ovation following passionate remarks from featured speaker, Ginger Imster. Ms. Imster shared her personal journey from a girl growing up in Columbia, Mo., to a mother of four and executive director of Arch Grants, a nonprofit that awards equity-free grants to entrepreneurs who locate their new ventures in St. Louis. She made the connection between Arch Grants and Wings of Hope, saying, “The stability and growth of our society depends on our collective ability to inspire hope in ourselves and in one another.” Wings of Hope Director of Development Laura Helling shared these thoughts: “No matter where you are in the world — in a business incubator in St. Louis or in a small village classroom in rural Cambodia — we need dreamers, who can see the possibility of a better life … investors, who can see the value in supporting those dreams … and organizations with the passion and the people to make those dreams a reality.”

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