Introducing the Young Ambassadors

We are pleased to invite a younger generation to offer their talents and vision to Wings of Hope’s already robust volunteer tradition! The Young Ambassadors of Wings of Hope supports our international projects through social, educational and fundraising events held quarterly throughout the year. Its mission is to engage, empower and inspire young professionals aged 21-45 to create cross-cultural connections and help address global poverty while building awareness of Wings of Hope.

The members will choose one international project to support through a yearly fundraising effort. The group is led by the Executive Council, nine young men and women from a wide variety of industries and backgrounds. They are off to a great start with several successful events to date! The Young Ambassador’s Launch Party was held on October 7th, and they will host a Fair Trade Shopping Evening at Plowsharing Crafts (in the Delmar Loop) on December 4th.

For more information, please visit We are currently recruiting general membership, so if you are interested in joining the Young Ambassadors, please contact Jess Watson (636) 537-1302.

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