From the President – Fall/Winter 2018

46,000 lives.

This is the number of people we directly served through our international programs and U.S.- based Medical Relief & Air Transport (MAT) Program last year. While that’s an impressive number, it doesn’t mean as much until you take a closer look. Recently, I was able to do just that.

This past summer, I visited five international field sites to see our work firsthand. Inside these pages you will find a recap of my travels to Africa and South America. If I can sum up what I took away from these trips, it is this: the work we are doing to serve people in need around the globe is something that we can all take great pride in.

This knowledge of how we are reaching people that can be reached no other way — underscored by the work of our volunteers, board, staff and key stakeholders during our recent strategic planning process — creates a sense of urgency around our new mission statement: Wings of Hope changes and saves lives through the power of aviation.

With these words as our beacon moving forward, we are committed to forging new partnerships around the world — and I look forward to sharing news with you about two new developing partnerships in South America.

It is also full steam ahead here at home. In this newsletter, you will read the story of 8-year-old Claire, a former MAT patient who is a happy, healthy third-grader thanks to the life-saving care she received as a toddler. Seeing how our flights transform the lives of children like Claire encourages us to go further — to reach even more folks who need access to specialized medical care. With encouragement and guidance from our board of directors and strategic planning committee, our team is exploring the best ideas for expanding the reach and impact of the MAT program.

It’s exciting times at Wings of Hope. I look forward to navigating them with you.

Bret Heinrich,
President & CEO

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