Fabick Celebrates 100 Years with Six $100,000 Gifts!

When we were asked to attend Fabick Cat’s 100th Anniversary Celebration on July 29, we were honored and proud to be part of the festivities. After all, Fabick Cat and the Fabick family have been generously supporting Wings of Hope since Joe Fabick joined three others in founding Wings of Hope in the early 1960s. But we had no idea that we would be one of six charities presented with a $100,000 check. “I was completely stunned,” Wings of Hope Vice President Laura Helling says. “The Fabick family has always supported Wings of Hope – and their generosity, to Wings of Hope and to the many charities they support, is a solid testament to the Fabick family’s commitment to making sure their communities remain strong. Wings of Hope is absolutely thrilled with this donation, and we are excited about the real impact it will make in the lives of the people we serve.”

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