Doc Donates C-150 to Wings of Hope

Every year, we receive a number of donated aircraft. We use some in the field or for pilot training. Others, we sell to raise funds to support our programming.

One of our most recent plane donations was a Cessna 150 from Dr. Joe Costa, a urologist in Jacksonville, FL, who volunteers in Haiti performing reconstructive surgeries on women who suffer obstetric fistula and men with urethral stricture disease.

“These injuries suffered by men and women in developing countries can be catastrophic in terms of them becoming social outcasts due to complete urinary incontinence or obstruction,” Dr. Costa says.

Like Wings of Hope, he espouses a “teach a man to fish” philosophy, so he spends much of his time training Haitian doctors to perform the complex surgeries that repair these problems.

“My own volunteer experience has resulted in tremendous personal satisfaction, as well as helped inform my opinion on what types of charitable organizations make a tangible impact on the communities they serve,” he reflects. “I feel that Wings of Hope provides meaningful transportation services worldwide, including your wonderful domestic work with patients in need of medical transportation in rural areas.”

Thank you, Dr. Costa, for your generous donation!

If you are interested in our plane donation program, you can find more information at or call 636-537-1302.

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