Against All Odds – Minnesota Woman Wins Spring Airplane Raffle

The odds of Nyla Schroeder winning our spring airplane raffle were slim. First, her ticket had to be selected from the 4,000 sold. Second, she was participating in a raffle in which upwards of 95% of ticket buyers are men. But Nyla beat the odds, and on July 17, we delivered her new Piper Archer II to Crystal Airport, just outside of Minneapolis. Nyla, 38, is not a pilot, but she has already started working toward her pilot’s license.

“I took my first lesson right after we won the plane,” she says. “I think it would be great to contribute back to Wings of Hope or some other organization as a pilot, someday, years down the road.”

The raffle, which raised about $170,000 for our MAT Program, sold out in less than six hours.

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